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Feeling the need for speed? Get your fix here -- our sports car image gallery features some of the fastest, most powerful models the automotive world has ever known.

High-performance aficionados gained a new choice-a beastly, if not nasty, GTA rendition of the long-lived Trans Am. Learn more about the 1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA in this article.

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Started as a 1970s exotic car the Vector finally came to life under the hands of Lamborghini's parent company. The M12 was powered by a Lamborghini V-12, and featured jack-knife doors and sleek European styling. Learn more about Vector sports cars.

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Founded in 1937 to build aircrafts, Saab turned its postwar attention to making reliable luxury and sports cars. Saab decided to try producing sports cars after early models proved quite capable in European road rallies. Learn more about Saab sports cars.

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