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Auto | Under the Hood | Salvage, Used & Junkyard Parts

If you want to repair or restore an old car, then salvaging used parts from a junkyard might be just what you need. But how can you tell a deal from a rip-off? Read articles about finding the right used parts for your auto.

Fact or Fiction: Insuring Salvaged Cars

It sounds bad. But is it? While obtaining insurance for a car with a salvage title may not be as easy as insuring a clean-titled car, it can be done. So how much do you know about insuring a salvaged car? Take this quiz to find out!

Are junkyard parts worth your time?

 Are junkyard parts worth your time?

Is it worth your time to rummage through a junkyard to find an old replacement part? Read about whether or not the hunt for junkyard parts is worth it. See more »