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Auto | Under the Hood | Salvage, Used & Junkyard Parts

If you want to repair or restore an old car, then salvaging used parts from a junkyard might be just what you need. But how can you tell a deal from a rip-off? Read articles about finding the right used parts for your auto.

Where should you look for classic muscle car decals?

Refurbishing a classic car is a labor of love, and with muscle cars, the emphasis isn't just on power; it's also on design. So, where can you track down those classic decals that are so popular with muscle car collectors?

Are junkyard parts worth your time?

 Are junkyard parts worth your time?

Is it worth your time to rummage through a junkyard to find an old replacement part? Read about whether or not the hunt for junkyard parts is worth it. See more »