In this Classic Convertible Cars section, we look at some not-so-common models, including the Austin-Healey, the 1963 Studebaker Lark Daytona, 25 years of Volkswagon Beetle convertibles and Edsel’s 1960 Ranger and 1958 Citation.
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1953 Die Valkyrie

America's custom carbuilders were but a shadow of their 1930s selves after World War II, but you could still drive something very special -- like the 1953 Die Valkyrie -- if you knew where to go and had enough money. Check out the 1953 Die Valkyrie.

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  • 2000 Panoz Esperante

    2000 Panoz Esperante

    The 2000 Panoz Esperante is a true success story made by an upstart company in a sea of existing automakers. This Roadster appealed only to hard-core driving enthusiasts. Learn about this classic convertible. See more »

  • Classic Convertible Cars

    Classic Convertible Cars

    Convertibles have long held a thrilling romantic reputation. Drive with the wind in your hair like a Hollywood movie star. Your open-air car allows you to see and be seen. Learn more about classic convertibles. See more »

  • 1957-1975 Citroën Chapron DS 19/20/21/23

    1957-1975 Citroën Chapron DS 19/20/21/23

    The 1957-1975 Citroen Chapron DS 19/20/21/23 was a rare convertible variation on the Citroen DS-series sedans. The model was built mostly for very wealthy private buyers and the French government. Read more about this collectible car. See more »

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