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Other Classic & Collectible Convertible Car Manufacturers

In this Classic Convertible Cars section, we look at some not-so-common models, including the Austin-Healey, the 1963 Studebaker Lark Daytona, 25 years of Volkswagon Beetle convertibles and Edsel’s 1960 Ranger and 1958 Citation.

1948 DeSoto Custom Convertible

The 1948 DeSoto Custom Convertible was a recycled pre-war design that was offered in DeLuxe and upmarket Custom trim. Power came from a carryover 236.6-cubic inch L-head six-cylinder engine. Learn more about this classic convertible.

The 1957-1975 Citroen Chapron DS 19/20/21/23 was a rare convertible variation on the Citroen DS-series sedans. The model was built mostly for very wealthy private buyers and the French government. Read more about this collectible car.

2000 Panoz Esperante

The 2000 Panoz Esperante is a true success story made by an upstart company in a sea of existing automakers. This Roadster appealed only to hard-core driving enthusiasts. Learn about this classic convertible.

1960 Edsel Ranger

The 1960 Edsel Ranger convertible is part of the last line of Edsel models. Only 76 1960 Edsel Ranger convertibles were ever made. Check out this article for more about this classic convertible.

1958 Continental Mark III

The 1958 Continental Mark III was the first Continental convertible in 10 years with an incredibly heavy body. Riding grand 131-inch wheelbases, these Lincolns were boxy but clean and imposingly massive. Learn about this classic convertible.

1958 Edsel Citation

The 1958 Edsel Citation was the biggest flop in automotive history -- a case of the wrong car at the wrong time. The ‘58 Citation suffered from gimmicky gadgets and drab styling. Learn about this classic convertible.

1963 Studebaker Lark Daytona

The 1963 Studebaker Lark Daytona was one of the last cars of the Studebaker maker. The Lark Daytona had a low-power 169-cubic-inch six as standard. Learn more about this classic convertible.

1965 Rambler American 440

Although the 1965 Rambler American 440 had low sales, it was one of the best of the Rambler models. Although not very sporty, the 440 was the most affordable convertible at the time. Learn more about this classic convertible.

1946 Hudson Super Six Brougham

The 1946 Super Six Brougham redesigned prewar model earned huge sales for Hudson thanks to postwar fever. Hudson built only 1,177 ragtops for the model year. Learn more about this classic convertible.

1949 Frazer Manhattan

The 1949 Frazer Manhattan was a hurry-up job by Frazer, which was in need of some new sales magic. The Frazer just couldn't sell, and only 70 were built through 1950. Learn about the fate of this rare classic convertible.

1951 Rambler Custom Landau

The 1951 Rambler Custom Landau was the perfect car for a go-getter on a budget -- like ace reporter Lois Lane. It was an apt choice for the Daily Planet reporter: easy to park, thrifty with gas and quite affordable. Learn about this classic convertible.