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Hybrid Technology

As hybrid technology evolves, hybrid car owners will reap the benefits of lower emissions and fuel consumption. Check out this section to learn about all the amazing breakthroughs in the field of hybrid technology.

How the SEAT León Twin Drive Ecomotive Works

With the Spanish Minister of Industry promising one million all-electric vehicles on Spain's streets by 2014, a new hybrid plug-in concept from Spanish automaker SEAT is a step in the right direction.

Windows down or A/C on -- which is more fuel-efficient?

Most of us have been told that driving with the air conditioner switched on uses a lot more fuel than simply rolling the windows down to cool off. But is that always true?

How the Fisker Karma Works

There's little doubt that the 2010 Fisker Karma, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, has the looks to compete with any luxury sedan currently on the market. But how does the Fisker Karma perform?

Do hybrid cars perform well in cold weather?

Hybrid cars are engineered to operate at peak efficiency in specific environments. But what happens when the environment is dramatically changed? Can a hybrid car perform just as well in cold weather?

How the Toyota FT-HS Works

Hybrid cars aren't generally thought of as sports cars -- not right now, anyway. But if the Toyota FT-HS Hybrid Sports Concept ever makes it into production, you may have a very different opinion.

What are the most difficult standards to meet for an alternative fuel car?

For conventional gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles, fuel economy numbers may be the toughest standards to meet in the coming years. But what issues will alternative fuel vehicles need to overcome?

What is the world's cheapest alternative fuel car?

The race is on to build the world's cheapest alternative fuel car as fossil fuel supplies continue to plummet and the planet's population continues to soar. This race has already seen several lead changes.

How the Porsche Panamera Hybrid Works

From the start, Porsche has produced a lineup of cars that are exciting to drive. The latest Porsche -- the Porsche Panamera -- is no exception. But do you know what makes the Porsche Panamera unique?

Why would I want to recondition my hybrid battery pack?

Replacing a battery in a typical car isn't a big deal, and relatively speaking, it isn't expensive either. Hybrid car battery packs, however, can cost thousands to replace. Is reconditioning cheaper?

What's a mild hybrid system?

If you've been doing your homework on hybrid cars, then you may have come across the term "mild hybrid" at some point in your studies. But how does a mild hybrid differ from any other hybrid car?