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Your car may come with many standard features, but upgrade and accessory options are endless, starting with the windshield wiper blades.

How can you use in-car Internet?

In a world that seems hyperconnected already, are cars the next things to go wired with Internet access?

How Turn Signals Work

To most drivers, turn signals seem pretty simple: There’s a lever that makes your signal lights flash. But there’s actually some cool technology at work. Find out how this under-used device operates. See more »

How Convertibles Work

Convertibles and a sunny day are a match made in heaven. Learn about the aerodynamics of convertibles and the different types of convertibles, from cloth top to hardtop. See more »

How Windshield Wipers Work

What began as a hand-cranked system is now automatic, and only getting more so: Some windshield wipers can actually sense rain. Learn the mechanincs behind this essential automotive tool. See more »

How Power Windows Work

Ever wonder what's behind the auto-up feature that can detect obstacles? Power windows are one of those hidden miracles in cars -- they're actually pretty amazing once you learn about them. Find out how power windows operate! See more »

How Cruise Control Systems Work

Cruise control is already an amazing system, and it's evolving into something a lot more powerful. Learn how cruise control works and check out some of the adaptive systems in development. See more »

How Power Door Locks Work

Power door locks used to adorn only luxury cars. Today, these handy amenities are standard on more than half of the cars sold in America. Learn what happens after you push the button! See more »

How do the blue-ish headlights on expensive luxury cars work?

I notice that there are certain cars whose headlights seem to have a blue-ish or green-ish tint. A lot of times these headlights are on expensive cars. Are these headlights different from normal headlights? See more »

How does a car's rearview mirror work when it's in the glare-resistant setting?

How does a car's rearview mirror work when it's flipped upward in the glare-resistant setting? See more »