Whether you're towing trailers, boats or recreational vehicles, there are some safety regulations and guidelines that should be observed. See the Towing Guide for all towing articles.
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Be Your Own Mechanic

There are many different types of vehicles that fall under the umbrella term recreational vehicle. Some of them hitch to your car, while others stand on their own. So how do you know which hitch to pick and which to ditch?

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How Self-aligning Motor home-mounted Tow Bars Work

Owning a motor home or RV is all about freedom. That is, until you get into a congested area. Then a motor home can seem like a prison. But you can escape that prison by towing a car behind you. Enter self-aligning motor home-mounted tow bars.

How Trailer Balls and Switch Balls Work

Trailer balls and switch balls are mounted on your receiver hitch's ball mount, coupling the trailer to your towing vehicle and bearing the load of your trailer's weight.

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