Whether you're towing trailers, boats or recreational vehicles, there are some safety regulations and guidelines that should be observed. See the Towing Guide for all towing articles.
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Be Your Own Mechanic

Choosing the proper ball mount is similar to choosing other towing accessories -- safety is the primary concern. But what are the different types of ball mounts available and what are the advantages of each?

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How Winches Work

Most people don't go around thinking about towing winches, or winches at all, but if you ever need one, you'll be glad one is around. A winch is a mechanism that winds wire around a drum while keeping a steady tension on it.

Tow Bar Quiz

Choosing between all the tow bar options out there can be daunting if you aren't fully informed. Think you're ready to tow your car behind your RV? Take this quiz and find out.

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