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Modern cars are at the top of the list for most buyers in the market. See what's under the hoods of modern cars and explore current modern car models.

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How Mercury Cars Work

For much of its life, Mercury has built cars that are upscale versions of Fords. The Mercury line of cars saw success from the get-go. Find out more about Mercury's origins and models like the Cougar.

How Buick Works

Founded in 1903 Buick quickly became a leading American automaker. Buick was founded by Scottish industrialist David Dunbar Buick. Learn about Buick's history including Buick models from 1903 to the present.

How Chrysler Works

Chrysler was founded in 1924 by Walter Chrysler. He laid the foundation for his namesake car company with an eponymous model in 1924. Learn about the history of Chrysler a "Big Three" auto manufacturer and its legendary Hemi engine.

2002 35th Anniversary Chevrolet Camaro SS

Chevrolet bid a fond farewell to the Camaro line with the 2002 35th Anniversary Chevrolet Camaro SS. This was available only on SS-package-equipped Z28s. Learn more about this classic convertible.

2000-2008 Cadillac

The 2000-2008 Cadillac lineup include a string of boldly styled new models triggering Cadillac’s comeback. Learn how models like the Escalade CTS XLR and SRX competed with the imports and pleased carbuyers and critics alike.


Check out this exciting series of articles that chronicles every Cadillac from 1930 through 2008. More than 100 color photos celebrate them and the developments designs and characters that went into their creation are explored.

2007 New York Auto Show

The 2007 New York Auto Show gets full Consumer Guide coverage with reviews photos prices analysis and specifications on scores of new 2008 and 2009 cars trucks and SUVs.

1990-1999 Cadillac

In the 1990s Cadillac’s image as a leading luxury automaker was tarnished. It failed to attract younger buyers and to keep its older customers. Learn what changes Cadillac made during this era.

1980-1989 Cadillac

The 1980-1989 Cadillac lost its status as a premier luxury brand. The carmaker lost sales income and credibility through costly mistakes and wasteful distractions. Learn how Cadillac’s decisions in this era hurt its reputation.

How the MINI Cooper Works

Occasionally, a car design comes along that somehow remains relatively untouched for decades. These cars can garner a loyal band of supporters and enthusiasts whose passion for the model might seem, to an outsider, to go well beyond the merits of the car itself.

Hau Thai-Tang: 2005 Mustang Chief Engineer

The Ford Mustang has always been a symbol of American freedom. For the chief engineer of the 2005 model, that's especially true. Find out how Vietnamese-born Hau Thai-Tang came to work on the Mustang.

How the Ford Explorer Works

The Ford Explorer quickly became America’s top-selling SUV after its introduction in 1991. Learn useful details about the Ford Explorer including safety recall information and reliability ratings.

How the Honda Accord Works

The Honda Accord was introduced to the U.S. market in the 1977 model year and quickly became a hit with consumers. Find out why and get detailed information about the Honda Accord in every model year.

How the Toyota Camry Works

The Toyota Camry arrived in the U.S. market in model year 1983. Within four years it became Toyota's top-selling model. Learn how this reliable no-nonsense family car evolved into a remarkable automotive achievement.

North American International Auto Show 2001

The North American International Auto Show kicks off the year with amazing concept cars and hundreds of innovations. Get daily coverage and a front-row seat at the unveilings!