Dodge Models

Dodge models come in all shapes and price ranges. See pictures and learn about the specs, features and history of Dodge models.

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1988-1990 Dodge Lancer Shelby

The 1988-1990 Dodge Lancer Shelby was a low-volume offshoot of Dodge's late-'80s Lancer sedan. Not to be confused with the contemporary Shelby Lancer a still-sportier confection built by Shelby Automobiles not Chrysler in Michigan. Read more about this classic car.

1984-1990 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z & Shelby Z

The 1984-1990 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z & Shelby Z were the hottest of Dodge's late-'80s sports coupes. The Turbo Z was launched in 1984 followed by the Shelby Z in 1987-1988. Learn more about the specs and production of these classic cars.

How Dodge Works

Dodge began building four-cylinder cars in 1914, then built its first Six in 1929, followed by Dodge Eight. Early Dodge cars focused on reliability and low-to-middle priced cars. Learn about the evolution of Dodge cars.