BMW Models

BMW is a consistent favorite modern car in the last few decades. Learn about the tradition of luxury and performance in models such as the M5, M3, Z1 and more.

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1988-1995 BMW 750iL

The 1988-1995 BMW 750iL is highly desirable new and will likely be a collectible in the future. The 750iL came with a powerful V-12 engine. It was launched in Europe a year before it debuted in America. Learn more about this classic car.

1987-1989 BMW M5

The 1987-1989 BMW M5 are few in number and although the M5's replacement may be more collectible in the future the 1987-1989 BMW M5 is deemed valuable now. Learn more about this sporty car.

1987-1990 BMW M3

Although its collectibility is questionable now the 1987-1990 BMW M3 -- which was designed for the racetrack -- may be more valuable in the future due to low production numbers. Learn more about the 1987-1990 BMW M3.

1987-1990 BMW Z1

The 1987-1990 BMW Z1 was produced only for a European market. Although never certified for American sale it is certainly a collectible -- if you get it past Customs. Learn more about the 1987-1990 BMW Z1.