Buying and Selling Cars

Buying or selling a car can be a tedious experience. Articles in this section touch on car buying and financing, insurance, warranties, VINs, and the Kelly Blue Book.

5 Car Insurance Tips

Bought a new car? The first thing you'll want to do is insure your new investment. Learn about the difference kinds of coverage and why some cars cost more to insure than others. Here are some tips for getting car insurance.

5 Extended Warranty Tips

So you've purchased your new car. The next question is if you want to buy the extended warranty to protect your new investment. Is it worth it? What kind should you get? Here are some tips about extended warranites.

10 Car Shopping Tips

Knowing what you want -- or need -- before you start making the rounds of dealerships can save both time and money. Whatever the model, if emotion drives you to an impulsive purchase, you are likely to pay more and suffer regret later.

How Car Insurance Works

Do you truly understand the different parts of an auto insurance policy and how to choose the best coverage? What affects the price and how can you bring the costs down? Find out all about auto insurance.

How Car Financing Works

Ready to get out of that clunker and slide into a shiny new car? Not willing or able to plunk down $20000 in cash? Learn all about car financing from where to get the money to negotiating the deal.

How Selling a Car Works

Don't waste time advertising your car in the wrong places, to the wrong people. While the basic steps in selling your car are simple -- clean it up, price it, get the word out and make the sale -- you need to know exactly who your potential buyers are. We'll tell you how to find out.

How to Buy a Car

Imagine driving down a tree-lined street with the windows down on a sunny day, a warm rush of air streaming through your hair... OK, snap out of your reverie. Before you start mapping out the route to the nearest beach, you just might want to learn some valuable car-buying tips.