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Nissan 350Z Design

2003 350Z Specifications

The Nissan 350Z packed a lot of excitement into a body just 169.6 inches long.
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Calling upon the Z car's tradition, the Nissan 350Z appealed to driving enthusiasts since its introduction as a 2003 model. With a nice balance of size, power, and price, the modern Z made driving excitement accessible. Here are the 2003 350Z specifications:


Base price: $26,269


Layout: rear-wheel drive

Curb weight: 3,188 pounds

Wheelbase: 104.3 inches

Length: 169.6 inches

Front suspension: Multi-link

Rear suspension: Multi-link

Tires: 225/50WR-17 front; 235/50WR-17 rear

Optional tires: 225/45WR-18 front; 245/45WR-18 rear

Seats: two

Engine: dual-overhead-cam 32-valve V-6

Displacement: 3498 cubic centimeters

Compression ratio: 10.3:1

Horsepower: 287 @ 6200 rpm

Torque: 274 pound-feet @ 4800 rpm

Fuel supply: Multi-point electronic fuel injection

Transmission: 6-speed manual (5-speed automatic optional)

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