NASCAR started in 1949 and has grown into one of the most popular sports in the world. Learn everything there is to know about NASCAR on the NASCAR Channel.

The 1963 NASCAR Grand National championship was won by Joe Weatherly. NASCAR also established a new set of rules to address the potential of unlimited engineering by the factories. See the events, stats, and photos from this historic NASCAR season.

The 1980 NASCAR Winston Cup season featured an exhilarating championship chase between Dale Earnhardt and Cal Yarborough. Relive the season's memorable moments and see the final standings for the year in this 1980 NASCAR Winston Cup season recap.

The 1981 NASCAR Winston Cup season set records for lead changes and races won with last-lap passes. Get all the details on these events and more from the 1981 NASCAR season -- as well as the final standings in this 1981 NASCAR Winston Cup recap.

The 1982 NASCAR Winston Cup season promised plenty of thrills to meet the sport's increased popularity. Relive the season's memorable moments and see the final standings for the year in this 1982 NASCAR Winston Cup season recap.

The 1983 NASCAR Winston Cup season was filled with controversy scandal and amazing driving performances. NASCAR began cracking down on teams that were stepping beyond the rules. Follows these events and other season highlights with this season recap.

The 1984 NASCAR Winston Cup season gave Richard Petty his 200th and final career victory. Trace the exhilarating 1984 Winston Cup season, from season highlights to final standings, with plenty of pictures to follow the action.

The 1985 NASCAR Winston Cup season was a record breaker with Bill Elliott winning 11 superspeedway races, still a single-season record. Yet he didn't win the NASCAR Winston Cup championship. Follow the action with this 1985 recap.

Dale Earnhardt ruled the track during the 1986 NASCAR Winston Cup season. Earnhardt's thrilling driving style made the season a joy to watch. Follow all the action with this recap filled with highlights and final standings of the 1986 season.

In 1971 NASCAR lost auto-factory support but gained sponsorship from R.J. Reynolds Co. The lightly funded independent drivers staged a mini-boycott of the 100-mile Winston Cup Grand National race. See the newly-renamed 1971 NASCAR Winston Cup recap.

The explosive battle between Richard Petty and Bobby Allison set the tone of the 1972 NASCAR Winston Cup season. Explore the 1972 season in this recap, including highlights, photos, and the full standings that were left when the dust cleared.

The 1958 NASCAR Grand National season was led by old pro Lee Petty. Fifty-one events comprised the 1958 NASCAR Grand National season. See these event statistics, season highlights, and photos in this 1958 season recap.

Though the 1973 NASCAR Winston Cup season was as exciting as ever the real surprise was the year's upset winner Benny Parsons. Read about the 1973 NASCAR season, including highlights, photos, and full standings.

Who were the big winners for NASCAR's first season? See the results of the 52 races that make up the first official year of NASCAR. The first modifiedseason of NASCAR contained the same drama and excitement that we see in NASCAR today.

With a new millennium, some new rules, and a new champion, the 2000 NASCAR Winston Cup season was packed with excitement. Revisit the highlights of the 2000 season with our 2000 NASCAR Winston Cup recap.

The 1959 NASCAR Grand National season was highlighted by the inaugural Daytona 500 and Lee Petty's third championship. The Daytona 500 generated more publicity than any other stock car race to that point in history. See the events and stats here.

The 1974 NASCAR Winston Cup race schedule was deeply affected by the OPEC oil embargo. NASCAR also continued to move toward the use of smaller engines, and made several rule changes. Get a full recap of the 1974 season's highlights.

The 2001 NASCAR Winston Cup season was marked by Dodge's return and the loss of Dale Earnhardt. Earnhardt was fatally injured in a last-lap crash during the Daytona 500. Learn more with our 2001 NASCAR Winston Cup recap.

The 1960 NASCAR Grand National championship was captured by Rex White. Factory representation in NASCAR was also on a dramatic rise. See the major events, standings, and photos from the 1960 NASCAR season.

A new points system and uniform engine sizes leveled the playing field for the 1975 NASCAR Winston Cup season. With a standard set of rules, stability had gained a foothold within the NASCAR kingdom. Get the full recap here.

The 2002 NASCAR season began with NBC television coverage and an exciting crop of driving rookies. Review the 2002 season's highlights, including an assortment of pictures, with our 2002 NASCAR Winston Cup recap.

Announcements of new rules leadership and sponsors made the 2003 NASCAR season last of its kind. Find out all the changes announced for NASCAR during 2003 -- and see exciting race pictures from the season -- with our 2003 NASCAR Winston Cup recap.

The 1976 NASCAR Winston Cup tour was exciting filled with thrills skids and action. The season was filled with triumph as NASCAR also welcomed female driver Janet Guthrie. Get the full recap of the season's highlights here.

The 1977 NASCAR Winston Cup season came at a high point for fans and at-home viewers. Learn more about this banner year, including the season's highlights, final standings, and view plenty of pictures.

NASCAR's 2004 season brought a new main sponsor and new point system for drivers. The most noticeable change for 2004 was revamp of the points race. Learn more and see pictures with our 2004 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup recap.

The 1954 NASCAR Grand National season was marked by the steady performance of Lee Petty by claiming seven races and finishing in the top 10 in 32 of his 34 starts. See the events statistics and photos from the 1954 season.