Vehicle Towing Capacity

Vehicle towing capacity is something that every person planning to tow should know. Different vehicles have different towing capabilities, so make sure that you're aware of your vehicle's towing capacity.

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The curb weight of your car is simply how much your car weighs. Read more about curb weight and what it means for your car.

By Scott C. Benjamin

Payload is simple; it's anything you're carrying or towing. Knowing how much weight your vehicle can tow isn't so simple. Pay attention -- towing too much weight invites disaster.

By John Fuller

This towing capacity chart displays vehicles' towing capacities by make, model and year. Knowing your vehicle's towing capacity is essential to towing safety, plus it can keep you from damaging your vehicle with the burden an overweight load.


Do you know your vehicle's gross axle weight rating? That's all right -- not many people do. But if you're planning to tow a trailer, it's a good idea to learn your vehicle's GAWR.

By Scott C. Benjamin

If you ever plan to tow a trailer, it's a good idea to know the tow vehicle's gross combination weight rating. If you don't learn it, you could be in for some serious repair bills.

By Scott C. Benjamin

It's relatively simple to determine when you've added a little too much weight to your car, truck or SUV. But what if you were loading something much bigger -- perhaps a massive recreational vehicle?

By Scott C. Benjamin

Most people can tell you the fuel economy numbers for their vehicle. Some even know the horsepower and torque in their car or truck. But what about the gross vehicle weight rating? Who knows that?

By Scott C. Benjamin