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1937 Plymouth PT-50 Half-Ton Pickup

The fun-to-drive 1937 Plymouth PT-50 half-ton pickup was the most popular 1937 Plymouth truck. That's right: a Plymouth truck. How did a company that only "dabbled" with trucks create such a winning model?

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  • 1941 Plymouth PT-125

    1941 Plymouth PT-125

    The 1941 Plymouth PT-125 pickup represents the last of its breed -- Plymouth would never again produce a genuine truck. Learn why this model fizzled and ultimately ended Plymouth's foray into the pickup market. See more »

  • 1942-1944 Jeep: Jeep Enters World War II

    1942-1944 Jeep: Jeep Enters World War II

    The 1942-1944 jeeps proved successful for the U.S. Army in World War II battle. Yet jeeps had proven their worth in battle across the globe even before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Learn how jeeps were used in World War II. See more »

  • 1947-1949 International KB-2 Pickup

    1947-1949 International KB-2 Pickup

    International's K-series pickups were widely recognized for ruggedness and durability. Though they didn't usually sport the most modern styling, the company liked to point out that its trucks were survivors. Find out just how tough these pickups were. See more »

  • 1947-1954 Nash Model 3148

    1947-1954 Nash Model 3148

    Nash pickup trucks are incredibly rare collectibles. With only 5,000 manufactured and most used as tow trucks, they weren't part of the regular pickup truck class. Learn more about this rare breed. See more »

  • 1949 Diamond T Model 201 Pickup

    1949 Diamond T Model 201 Pickup

    The 1949 Diamond T Model 201 pickup had rugged style and quality construction. It wasn't cheap, listing at $1,655 -- about a third more than Ford charged for the half-ton V-8 pickup. See pictures and learn about the 1949 Diamond T Model 201 pickup. See more »

  • 1993-2002 Jeep

    1993-2002 Jeep

    During the 1993 model year Jeep offered a Wrangler Sport, made to combat lower priced imports. It had a lower price than other Jeep Wranglers and limited options. Learn about changes to the Sport, Cherokee, and the rest of the '90s Jeep product line. See more »

  • Classic Trucks

    Classic Trucks

    Our "Classic Trucks" article collection celebrates 50 stout little haulers that helped make America great. These profiles explain what makes each truck a classic and they include exclusive plus and minus points about their collectible status. See more »

  • History of Jeep

    History of Jeep

    The history of jeep began with World War II. Eventually, the jeep became as familiar to the rich and famous as it was to the ordinary Joe. Read about the history of Jeep, from its first design for World War II battle to this century's technology. See more »

  • Jeepers Jamboree

    Jeepers Jamboree

    One of driving's ironies is that only 5 percent of sport-utility vehicles are taken off-road. To many owners these vehicles are no more than trendy lifestyle accessories. Read why participants of the Jeepers Jamboree consider driving the Jeep an art. See more »

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