NASCAR racing has gained worldwide popularity in last decade. NASCAR racing requires a mastery of certain driving techniques plus a knowledgable race team to keep the car running in peak form.
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Why is a NASCAR race car called "loose" or "tight?"

A loose or tight NASCAR race is something that drivers and crew chiefs need to correct quickly. The problem is due to oversteering and understeering the race car and can cost drivers valuable time -- and easily lead to crashes.

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  • How NASCAR Race Cars Work

    How NASCAR Race Cars Work

    The original NASCAR races were run on dirt tracks in regular street cars. Today, almost every piece of a NASCAR race car is handmade. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how these amazing machines come together. See more »

  • How NASCAR Safety Works

    How NASCAR Safety Works

    Racing is a dangerous business, but NASCAR safety has improved dramatically since the death of Dale Earnhardt. Find out about NASCAR technology, see pictures of NASCAR safety devices and learn how the industry safeguards these 200-mph racers. See more »

  • How NASCAR Tire Technology Works

    How NASCAR Tire Technology Works

    Since 1997, Goodyear Racing Eagles have been fitted to every race car or truck, at every NASCAR race, in the Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series and Craftsman Truck Series. What makes Goodyear Racing Eagles special? See more »

  • How NASCAR Works

    How NASCAR Works

    NASCAR is the most popular spectator sport in the United States -- and it's come a long way since the days of wild and woolly stock-car races on backcountry roads. See more »

  • How NASCAR's Car of Tomorrow Works

    How NASCAR's Car of Tomorrow Works

    NASCAR's Car of Tomorrow is loaded with improved safety features designed to keep the driver safe during high-speed impacts. Sounds great, right? Well then why are so many NASCAR drivers and fans resisting the change? See more »

  • How RACEf/x Works

    How RACEf/x Works

    RaceFX gives you the edge when you're watching a NASCAR race on TV -- it highlights a car and follows it around the track at 200 mph! Find out how this high-tech tracking system operates! See more »

  • How Stock Car Aerodynamics Work

    How Stock Car Aerodynamics Work

    Aerodynamics is the study of how air moves, and it's a crucial element in stock car design. But it has changed car racing in ways some fans find infuriating. See more »

  • How Stock Car Painting Works

    How Stock Car Painting Works

    From the basic black of the Model- T to the brown and orange of the Home Depot runner, cars of all purposes have always had some sort of paint job. But NASCAR cars take color a little bit further than your own ride. Find out why. See more »

  • How Stock Car Racing Techniques Work

    How Stock Car Racing Techniques Work

    Ever hear the saying that the game of life is won by inches? That's certainly true in stock car racing, when -- despite vehicle speeds that can exceed 200 miles (330 k) per hour -- mere inches are all that separate the winners from the losers. See more »

  • How Stock Car Suspensions Work

    How Stock Car Suspensions Work

    Stock car drivers are the ones who get all the attention after a big win, but kudos also need to go to the team working behind the scenes on the car's suspension. See more »

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