1960s Other Motorcycle Manufacturers

The 1960s Other Motorcycle Manufacturers Channel explores models from lesser-known motorcycle makers. See these classic motorcycles at HowStuffWorks.

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1961 Velocette Venom

The British-built 1961 Velocette Venom motorcycle was a 100-mph single-cylinder bike. The motorcycle was capable of reaching such high speeds because of the large 500-cc cylinder displacement. See pictures and learn about the Velocette Venom.

1964 Vespa Allstate Cruisaire

The 1964 Vespa Allstate Cruisaire was a U.S. version of the iconic Italian scooter. The frameless chassis housed a two-stroke engine that was efficient and perfect for city use. See pictures and learn about the Vespa Allstate Cruisaire.

1961 Matchless G-12

The 1961 Matchless G-12 motorcycle was one of the last models offered bearing the Matchless name. The 1961 model performed poorly which caused low sales against other British competitors Triumph and BSA. See pictures and learn about the Matchless G-12.

1965 DKW Hummel 155

The 1965 DKW Hummel 155 motorcycle featured styling unlike any bike of its day. When the 1965 DKW Hummel 155 motorcycle was introduced to the public the European motoring press dubbed it the "Tin Banana." See what made it so unique in this article.

1967 Bridgestone 350 GTO

The 1967 Bridgestone 350 GTO motorcycle was one of a few bikes created by the tire company in the 1960s. Bridgestone was synonymous with "performance" in motorcycle circles -- though that really wasn't the company's original aim. Learn about the Bridgestone 350 GTO.