1930-1940s Other Motorcycle Manufacturers

The 1930-1940s Other Motorcycle Manufacturers Channel explores early models from lesser-known motorcycle makers. See these vintage motorcycles at HowStuffWorks.

The 1937 Nimbus Luxus motorcycle was produced in Denmark and had many unusual features. This motorcycle featured many unusual design elements such as a channel-steel frame and odd gear lever placement. See detailed pictures and learn about the 1937 Nimbus Luxus.

The 1940 Crocker motorcycle outperformed better-known bikes of its era. Manufactured in Los Angeles, California, from 1936 to 1940, only 61 Crocker V-twins were built. See pictures and find out what made the brawny 1940 Crocker so special.

The 1936 DKW SB 500 A motorcycle was a stout bike that looked back to racing success and ahead to battle duty. Fed by a Bing carburetor, the two-stroke engine produced 15 horsepower. Learn more about the DKW SB 500 A.

The 1938 Brough Superior SS 100 was "the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles." Brough motorcycles were expensive, well-finished machines compiled largely from proprietary components. Learn more about this classic and see pictures of the Brough Superior SS 100.