1950s Other Motorcycle Manufacturers

The 1950s Other Motorcycle Manufacturers Channel explores early models from lesser-known motorcycle makers. See these vintage motorcycles at HowStuffWorks.


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1951 Vincent HRD Series B Rapide

The 1951 Vincent HRD Series B Rapide motorcycle was in its day among the world's fastest. A unique feature of this motorcycle is that the components were bolted to each other instead of the frame. See pictures and learn about the Vincent HRD Series.

1951 Whizzer Pacemaker

The 1951 Whizzer Pacemaker was as much bike as motorcycle but played a big role in cycle history. The simple design gave everyone an opportunity to experience motorized transportation. See pictures and learn about the Whizzer Pacemaker.

1959 Lilac

The 1959 Lilac was one of the first upscale Japanese motorcycles to be sold in the United States. The powertrain layout and other features resembled that of other big European models for sale in the U.S. See pictures and learn about the 1959 Lilac.

1956 Simplex Automatic

The 1956 Simplex Automatic motorcycle was a lightweight machine that could return 100 mpg. The main reasons for the high fuel economy were the overall light weight and efficient design of the bike. See pictures and learn about the Simplex Automatic.

1958 Cushman Eagle and Pacemaker

The 1958 Cushman Eagle and Cushman Pacemaker motorcycles were great starter bikes for new motorcyclists. Cushman was also one of the few manufacturers of motorized vehicles permitted to continue civilian production during World War II. Learn about these scooters.

1957 Ariel 4G Mk II

The 1957 Ariel Mk II motorcycle was developed by one of the British motorcycle industry's more adventurous manufacturers. It featured a four-pipe exhaust and a plunger rear suspension. See pictures and learn more about this unique classic motorcycle.

1959 Ariel Leader

The 1959 Ariel Leader offered several new technologies and unique styling. An interesting aspect of the Leader was the long list of options available. As a result, few of the 22,000 produced were exactly the same. Learn more about the 1959 Ariel Leader.

1954 AJS

The 1954 AJS motorcycle was a near-duplicate of a bike sold under the Matchless brand. Its mechanical roots dated back to the models of 1935, though improvements had been implemented in the intervening years. Learn about the British-built 1954 AJS motorcycle.