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Other British Sports Car Manufacturers

It’s easy to have a love affair with a sleek, cool British model. In this case, we’re talking Lotus Elites, Aston Martins, Austin-Healys, Triumphs, MGs, among others.

1963-1980 Triumph Spitfire

Having been shelved for lack of funds, a certain “hump under a dust sheet” peaked the curiosity of new CEO Stanley Markland during a casual factory tour. Shortly after, the 1963 Triumph Spitfire was a worldwide bestseller.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin was founded in 1913 and still makes sports cars today. Aston Martin has built quite a reputation for building elegant, low-volume performance cars. Learn about various models such as the David Brown series Vantage and Volante. See more »


Arnolt-Bristol was built from S.H. Arnolt's idea of a hybrid using the British Bristol chassis. It was designed for weekend competition duty and fitted out accordingly. Learn about the Arnolt-Bristol sports car. See more »

How the Lotus Elise Works

Riding high on successful European sales, British manufacturer Lotus introduced its Elise into the American car market in 2005. Find out why this car’s straightforward design makes it so popular as a quintessential sports car. See more »