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Classic & Collectible Chevrolet Trucks

The Classic Chevrolet Trucks Channel includes histories, photos and specs for this classic truck. Explore Classic Chevrolet truck lineups.

1928 Chevrolet Pickup

The 1928 Chevrolet pickup truck boasted standard four-wheel brakes. Bullet headlight housings, a high cowl, and deeply crowned fenders were the main styling elements. See pictures and get more details about the classic 1928 Chevrolet pickup.

1941 Chevrolet Series AK Pickup

The 1941 Chevrolet Series AK pickup was a tough truck with a smooth look. At the time it was the broadest commercial lineup in Chevy history, comprising two engines, three transmissions, five axle ratios, and nine wheelbases. Read about the 1941 Chevrolet Series AK pickup.

1955-1957 Chevrolet Light-Duty Trucks

The 1955-1957 Chevrolet light-duty trucks featured an all-new elegant body style and mechanical improvements like a small-block V-8. Here came the new Chevrolet looking like a baby Cadillac with a Ferrari grille. See pictures and read about this truck.

1947-1955 Chevrolet Trucks

Cosmetically, GM's 1947 Advance-Design trucks looked unlike anything built to that time. "Round and juicy" is the way retired GM design vice president Charles M. Jordan describes them. Check out the stylish load-haulers in this article.