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What have your favorite modern cars been over the last few decades? Maseratis and Lamborghinis? MINI Coopers and Jeeps? Learn about all your favorites in our modern cars section.


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2000 Jaguar XKR

The 2000 Jaguar XKR a 4-passenger luxury sports car was a superb supercharged variant of the “base” XK form. Come and discover this classy and lavish auto's pluses minuses production facts specifications engine types and more.

1987-1994 Jaguar XJ6

The 1987-1994 Jaguar XJ6 is considered to be the best-built Jaguar sedan ever made. Learn more about the quintessential 1987-1994 Jaguar XJ6 and learn about this smooth auto's pluses minuses specifications production facts engine types and more.

1979-1986 Jaguar XJ6 Series III

The 1979-1986 Jaguar XJ6 Series III was extensively modified from structure to style. Discover more about the stylish 1979-1986 Jaguar XJ6 Series III and learn about this graceful auto’s pros cons specifications production facts and more.

1983-1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass/Hurst & 442

The 1983-1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Hurst and 4-4-2 had muscle car good looks at an affordable price. Find out much more about this scarce automobile and discover the positives negatives production facts specifications engine type and other facts.

1984-1990 Lincoln Continental Mark VII LSC

The 1984-1992 Lincoln Continental Mark VII LSC was celebrated in song as the closest thing to the "hot rod Lincoln”. Learn more about this well-equipped car and discover the positives negatives production facts specifications engine type and more.

1979-1989 Maserati Quattroporte

The 1979-1989 Maserati Quatrroporte reemerged after a ten-year retirement but it wasn't long before it was renamed the Royale and finally retired once and for all. Learn more about the 1979-1989 Maserati Quattroporte including the pluses and minuses.

1983-1988 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16

Because the 1983-1988 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 was eventually discontinued in the U.S. but was still manufactured and sold in Europe its status as a collectible is questionable. Learn more about this fast car including the pluses and minuses.

1995-98 Nissan 200SX SE-R

The 1995-1998 Nissan 200SX SE-R are fun to drive and economical to purchase and own. Find out more about this practical and affordable sedan and discover the auto's positives negatives production facts specifications engine type and more.

1983-1987 Pontiac 6000STE

The 1983-1987 Pontiac 6000STE was a "Euro-style" sports sedan created due to mid-80s yuppie demand. Examine the pros and cons of this collectible car see detailed production facts and specifications plus view photos.

1981-1983 Imperial

The 1981-1983 Imperial was a low-volume luxury Chrysler. Frank Sinatra sang "It's time for Imperial" in TV commercials and a (give-us-a-break) 1982-1983 "Sinatra Edition" Imperial included tapes of his songs. Get details on this collectible car.

1993-2000 Pontiac Firebird

The 1993-2000 Pontiac Firebird was similar to the Chevy Camaro with different styling and trim. Learn which production years saw new engines for the Firebirs plug get details about the body of this collectible car. Check out the article.

1990-2000 Lexus SC 300/400

The 1990-2000 Lexus SC 300 and 400 was developed to be on par with a Mercedes -- at about half the cost. Learn more about the economic -- but fast -- 1990-2000 Lexus SC 300 and 400 including the pluses minuses production facts and more.

1982 Plymouth Scamp

1982-1984 Dodge Rampage and Plymouth Scamp boasted rorty exhaust 14" wheels and deluxe interior. A longer wheelbase than the Charger gave a better ride and the styling was sweet. Learn more about the specs of these classic cars.

1982-1991 Bentley Mulsanne Turbo & Turbo R

The 1982-1991 Bentley Mulsanne Turbo & Turbo R offered thrilling yet civilized performance. It is the most collectible of the Spirit generation. Learn more about the Bentley Mulsanne Turbo at HowStuffWorks.

1998-1999 Bentley Azure

The 1998-1999 Bentley Azure offered huge performance and a huge price tag to go along with it. It had great mass and a huge 6.8-liter turbo V-8 that produced amazing acceleration. Learn about this classic car.

1998-2000 Bentley Continental

The 1998-2000 Bentley Continental featured handcrafted touches and enormous power -- all for around $300000. The Continental offered the handcrafted touches a buyer expected plus the thrill of acceleration. Learn about this classic car.

1990 Aston Martin Virage

The 1990 Aston Martin Virage was the replacement for the DB/AM V-8 the first model offered after Aston's 1987 takeover by Ford U.S. It offered high performance and svelte styling. The car was very expensive but it was not mass produced. Learn about this classic car.

1981-1982 DeLorean "DMC12"

The story of the 1981-1982 DeLorean "DMC12" is dominated by its creator the notorious John Z. DeLorean who was indicted on drug charges in 1982. Although the ''DMC-12'' was promoted to the skies sales never met estimates. Read more about this classic car.

1990-2000 Acura NSX/NSX Zanardi Edition

The 1990-2000 Acura NSX/NSX Zanardi Edition was a very capable sports car yet rising prices caused sales to drop. The car featured precise steering and handling and good build quality. Learn about the 1990-2000 Acura NSX/NSX Zanardi Edition sports car.

How Oldsmobile Cars Work

Oldsmobile earned the reputation of being GM''s ''experimental'' division in the 1930s. Learn how Oldsmobile and Olds Motor Vehicle Company became the only American carmaker founded in the 19th century to survive to the 21st.

How Plymouth Cars Work

Plymouth produced timeless classic American cars from 1928, until they closed up shop in 2001. The company was named after the storied Massachusetts rock where the Pilgrims landed. Learn all about Plymouth cars such as the Prowler.

How Imperial Cars Work

Imperial began as a Chrysler model but became its own make in 1955. Nevertheless, some of Imperial's best years as a separate make were its first. Learn about the rocky history of Imperial from Exner to Iacocca to Sinatra.

How Saturn Cars Work

Saturn cars have had a brief but eventful history. Born in 1982 as Project Saturn, it was an all-out effort to stem the growing Japanese dominance of the U.S. small-car market. Find out how the Saturn car company works from early production up to the current Saturn Sky.

How Pontiac Works

Pontiac introduced its first car in 1926, and soon became a leading American carmaker. Pontiac was the only make to survive out of GM's ''companion'' makes. Learn about Pontiac's history and the evolution of its cars.

How Mercury Cars Work

For much of its life, Mercury has built cars that are upscale versions of Fords. The Mercury line of cars saw success from the get-go. Find out more about Mercury's origins and models like the Cougar.