You Can Bring More Friends

The Portico, unveiled by Hyundai at the Chicago Auto Show, is a concept CUV (crossover utility vehicle).

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Cars are great for road trips because they have smooth rides and tend to get better gas mileage than SUVs, but if your trip involves more than five people and you're taking a car, someone is going to have to stay home.

The nice thing about crossovers is that some of them are as large as SUVs and can seat up seven people in three rows. Their SUV-style bodies give them extra length and space for passengers. Crossovers like the Buick Enclave and Chevrolet Traverse have third row seats that are comfortable for adults, making them good road trip cars for a big group. In many crossovers you can even get great cruising features that are tough to find in cars. For example, the Ford Flex has an optional refrigerator in the second row, and the Buick Enclave has an available rear-seat DVD entertainment system. In the Dodge Journey you can even get satellite backseat TV which shows a limited number of live television stations. Features like that are hard to come by in cars and can make the miles pass a lot faster.

But there's one more surprising reason to cruise in a crossover. Keep reading to see what it is.