5 Engine Modifications to Improve Performance



A supercharger pressurizes air intake to above the normal atmospheric level so that more air can go into the engine, thus combining it with more fuel to produce more power. Powered mechanically via a belt or chain from the crankshaft, a supercharger spins at a rate of at least 50,000 RPM (faster than the engine itself) in order to force air into the combustion chamber. This makes space for more fuel, which creates for a larger combustion.

How much more energy is produced? Nearly 50 percent more horsepower, if everything is installed correctly. Attaching one to the engine of a normal sized car will immediately make it behave like a much larger, more powerful vehicle. What's great is that it can be a do-it-yourself project -- simply bolt it to the top or side of the engine and follow the manufacturer's installation instructions.