5 Cheap Ways to Increase Horsepower

You probably really enjoy driving your 1971 Datsun Sunny GL -- but wouldn't it be even more fun if it was just a little bit faster? (Courtesy of Nissan North America)

Your car is fine. It's got a great stereo, and you've been driving it long enough that the seat has that perfect butt-groove going on. You've been pretty diligent about taking care of it, with regular oil changes and trips through the car wash. But wouldn't it be nice if it were, I don't know, faster? Maybe had a little oomph when you take off from a red light? Maybe, just maybe, your car could even pass another car while going uphill -- with a little tuning. We're not talking about making your car a queen of the drag strip; I mean, that's expensive. Or is it?

There are easily five things you can do to pep up your commute or turn in a respectable time on the quarter-mile, and it doesn't have to cost more than your mortgage payment to do them.