NASCAR racing has gained worldwide popularity in last decade. NASCAR racing requires a mastery of certain driving techniques plus a knowledgable race team to keep the car running in peak form.
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How Stock Car Telemetry Works

Telemetry is the remote collection and measurement of data. It usually involves some sort of wireless broadcast. Of course, remote data collection is important in many fields -- defense, medicine, even agriculture.

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  • Why is it so hard to understand the NASCAR penalty system?

    Why is it so hard to understand the NASCAR penalty system?

    NASCAR fans might end race day either in a celebratory mood or completely dejected. And those feelings might have nothing to do with what happened out on the actual track. So what could cause fans to lose their cool even before a race begins? See more »



    Has any sport enjoyed the phenomenal growth that NASCAR has seen in its brief history? NASCAR is not only the dominant motorsport, but it has also overtaken baseball, golf and basketball in overall popularity. See more »

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