1970s Classic Chrysler Cars

The 1970s Classic Chrysler Cars Channel covers the top Chrysler models of the decade. See what's under the hoods of 1970s classic Chrysler cars.

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1975-1979 Chrysler Cordoba

In hard economic times the Cordoba was a surprisingly good stroke for Chrysler. Indeed if not for the early success of this one luxury coupe, the company might have gone to the brink even earlier. Learn how the Cordoba kept Chrysler in business.

1969-1971 Chrysler 300 2D Hardtop & Convertible

The 1969-1971 Chrysler 300 2D Hardtop and Convertible were the last of the Three Hundred series. The styling was debatable and quality started a tremendous decline. Collector interest is still lagging. Read about the demise of the Chrysler 300 2D.

1979-1982 Chrysler Cordoba 300/Cordoba LS

The 1979-1982 Chrysler Cordoba 300/Cordoba LS sported the traditional letter series 300 styling. This car featured traditional 300 styling and was extremely affordable. Find out more information on the 1979-1982 Chrysler Cordoba 300/Cordoba LS.

1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst

The 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst is the hard-to-find result of a Chrysler and Hurst partnership. This car featured clean styling and good performance thanks to Chrysler's big-block 440 V-8 engine. Learn more about the rare 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst.