1970s Classic Cars

The early 1970s oil crisis saw sales of muscle cars and other gas-guzzlers wane while smaller, compact cars gained popularity. Learn more about 1970s cars in this section.

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1970-1976 Plymouth Duster

The 1970-1976 Plymouth Duster was a slick, fastback model that was enthusiastically snapped up by buyers. Featuring a vibrant paint job and sporty touches like Rallye wheels, it was an attractive and popular mini-muscle car. Read more.

1972-1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

The 1972-1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV was the brain child of Lee Iacocca. Though the name was used on a 1950s Lincoln, it was reincarnated in the 1970s as a luxury personal coupe. Learn more about the 1972-1976 Lincoln Continental.

1971-1978 Ford Capri/Capri II

Ford Motor Company thought it was launching a European Mustang when its British and German branches developed the sport coupe. The Ford Capri, first sold in Europe, was a hit as a Mercury in the United States. Check out the Capri/Capri II and see pictures of this car.

1971 Ford LTD Convertible Coupe

The 1971 Ford LTD Convertible Coupe was the first ragtop introduced in the very popular LTD series. Standard equipment included power front disc brakes, a self-regulating clock and woodgrain interior appliques. Read about and see pictures of this classic car.

1971 Plymouth Road Runner

The 1971 Plymouth Road Runner hardtop coupe had a sleek look and great performance. The car was first introduced by Plymouth as a stripped-down cheaper alternative to the more stylish GTX. See photos and explore features of the 1971 Road Runner.

1973-1975 Pontiac Grand Am

The 1973-1975 Pontiac Grand Am was one of the most focused and well-executed cars Pontiac ever brought to market. This car featured European styling that was meant to compete with Mercedes BMW Audi and Volvo. Learn about this Pontiac success.

1969-1972 Pontiac Grand Prix

Revived from near-death the 1969-1972 Pontiac Grand Prix proved popular with sharp styling and powerful engines. John DeLorean is the man who made the Grand Prix a success when he suggested a new design based on the Le Mans. Learn about the 1969-72 Grand Prix.

1975-1979 Chrysler Cordoba

In hard economic times the Cordoba was a surprisingly good stroke for Chrysler. Indeed if not for the early success of this one luxury coupe, the company might have gone to the brink even earlier. Learn how the Cordoba kept Chrysler in business.

1970-1977 Triumph Stag

The 1970-1977 Triumph Stag found a surprising niche as a collectible car. Part of the collectability factor comes from the uniqueness of this particular car. Find out more about this British luxury convertible and see pictures of it.

1971-1976 Pontiac

The 1971-1976 Pontiac models marked the end of a successful era of large performance-oriented cars. Government-mandated emissions standards and rising insurance rates cut into sales of high-performance cars. Follow the Pontiac story in the early 1970s.

1969-1973 Imperial

The 1969-1973 Chrysler Imperial was known for its fuselage theme because the cars called up images of aircraft. The car was meant to give buyers a sense of class and luxury. The Chrysler Imperial did just that. Read about 1969-1973 Imperials in this article.

1971-1978 Oldsmobile Toronado

The 1971-1978 Oldsmobile Toronado started with a full redesign and new features were added each year. This car featured a grilleless design that pushed the grill openings to the far edges of the bumper. Learn more about the Toronados of this period.

Oldsmobile's 1973-1977 Intermediates

Oldsmobile's 1973-1977 intermediates helped bolster the carmaker's success in the 1970s. Unique styling such as frameless windows proved to be a success with this line of cars from Oldsmobile. Get vital details on 1973-1977 Oldsmobile intermediates.

1967-1974 Saab Sonetts

The 1967-1974 Saab Sonetts were a sporty something new for the Swedish automaker. The Saab Sonett helped Saab become one of the most popular producers of sports cars in the world. Learn more about the 1967-1974 Saab Sonetts and see pictures here.

1972-1976 Jensen-Healey and Jensen GT

Jensen-Healey and Jensen GT cars had a short and troubled run. Customers could not justify the high price for a car with added weight that greatly reduced acceleration. Find history and specifications for the 1972-1976 Jensen-Healey and Jensen GT.

1971-1980 Ford Pinto

The 1971-1980 Ford Pinto was a marketing success however it faced a fire controversy during its run. The car was designed to compete with the growing Japanese subcompact class of cars. Learn all about the history of the 1971-1980 Ford Pinto.

1971-1981 Mercedes-Benz SLC

The 1971-1981 Mercedes-Benz SLC was a four-seat offshoot of the two-seat SL. Learn more about this unusual Mercedes-Benz sports car collectible and discover the positives, negatives, production facts, specifications, engine type and more.

1970-1971 Plymouth Barracuda Convertibles

The 1970-1971 Plymouth Barracuda Convertibles were quite rare making them increasingly valuable today. Find out why these ponycars didn't make it and were only produced for two years. See photos and specifications for them here.

1970-1974 Plymouth Barracuda Coupes

The 1970-1974 Plymouth Barracuda Coupes were more numerous and more aggressive than the Barracuda Convertibles. Especially valuable are models with big-block engines since they were quickly abandoned. Learn all about these cars here.

1975-78 Jaguar XJC

Learn about the 1975-1978 Jaguar XJC that combines neat styling, smooth powerful engines and low production to make a high-potential collectible. Discover more about this corporate sports car's pluses, minuses, specifications and more.

1969-1973 Jaguar XJ6/XJ12

The 1969-1973 Jaguar XJ6/XJ12 was uncommonly graceful and attractive for a four-door sedan. Check out the extraordinary 1969-1973 Jaguar XJ6/XJ12 and discover more about this luxurious auto's pros, cons, specifications, production facts and more.

1973-1979 Jaguar XJ6/XJ12 Series II

The 1973-1979 Jaguar XJ6/XJ12 Series II featured an updated instrument panel and stretched wheelbase. Learn about the 1973-1979 Jaguar XJ6/XJ12 and discover more about this graceful auto's pros, cons, specifications, production facts and more.

1973-1975 Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds

The 1973-1975 Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds featured an eye-catching appearance and lots of amenities. Performance was provided by either a 455 big-block V-8 or a smaller 350 V-8. Learn more about this collectible car here.

1971-1975 Opel 1900/Manta Coupe/Rallye/Luxus

The 1971-1975 Opel 1900/Manta Coupe/Rallye/Luxus offered terrific handling plus an ultra-strong engine. The car is not to be confused with the later Isuzu-built "Opels" from Japan. Learn more about these cars in this article.

1975-1986 Rolls-Royce Camargue

In its day the 1975-1986 Rolls-Royce Camargue was the costliest "Roller" in history. By the end of its run it sported amenities like climate control, cell phone and a compact disc player. Get style engine and pricing details on this collectible car.