10 Motorcycle World Records

Most People on One Motorcycle
A family of five (a child is sitting on the woman’s lap) rides a motorcycle. This may seem like a lot of people for one motorcycle, but the world record is 56 people. © 2006 Matthew Logelin/CC BY 2.0

For most Americans, a motorcycle is good for moving one or maybe two people. Three, if you have a sidecar (or if we're skinny, and let's be honest, most of us Americans aren't). In other countries, however, motorcycles do family car duty, and they do a fairly good job of keeping families and all their gear on the road. Still, if you're going for the world record for most people on one motorcycle, that bike is going to go way beyond family car status and have to pull commuter bus duty.

Not surprisingly, this record comes from a country where motorcycles are used more for basic transportation than hobbies, as they are in the United States. The world record for the most people on a single motorcycle is 56. Yes, 56 — eight times seven, more than half of a hundred, almost 60 people on a motorcycle. To be honest, I'm not sure if you could fit 56 Americans on most city buses. The record was set by the Indian Army Corps of Signals "Daredevils" Display Team in Jabalpur, India, back in 2013 [source: Guinness World Records].