1900S & 20S

The 1900-1920s Other Motorcycle Manufacturers Channel features some of the earliest models around. See the first lineups from other motorcycle manufacturers.

1913 Reading Standard

The 1913 Reading Standard motorcycle was a great example of an early American motorcycle. Reading Standards is best known as the first American motorcycle company to offer a flathead engine. See pictures and learn about the Reading Standard.

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  • 1915 Iver Johnson

    1915 Iver Johnson

    Though a beautiful machine, the 1915 Iver Johnson motorcycle lacked horsepower. The motorcycle used a V-twin that displaced 1020 cc, which was far less than the other V-twins of the era. Find more information and view pictures of the 1915 Iver Johnson. See more »

  • 1918 Pope L-18

    1918 Pope L-18

    The 1918 Pope L-18 motorcycle boasted innovation and quality engineering but was Pope's last motorcycle. It had a 61-cubic-inch V-twin engine with overhead valves which were innovative for the time. See pictures and learn about the Pope L-18. See more »

  • 1920 Ace

    1920 Ace

    The 1920 Ace motorcycle had a short life, but it was a powerful and durable bike. Production ceased in 1922 due to financial setbacks and the death of its creator in a motorcycle accident. Learn about the 1920 Ace. See more »

  • 1926 Cleveland

    1926 Cleveland

    The 1926 Cleveland motorcycle was the company's answer to buyers yearning for four-strokes. The result was a four-cylinder model that was not the most impressive performer. Find out why the Cleveland fizzled in this profile and see pictures. See more »

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