Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency has become an extremely important topic in today's world because of rising gas prices, the need to cut our carbon footprints, and the need to cut dependence on oil-rich nations. Check out these great articles on fuel efficiency.

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How can solar panels power a car?

On a hot day, you could practically singe your fingers on your car's steering wheel. What if all that heat could be leveraged to power its engine? Well, it'd be a free ride.

Can a car run on nuclear power?

The search for alternative fuel is on. Could a pocket-sized version of a nuclear power plant make your car run 5,000 miles (8,047 kilometers) between fill-ups?

Why is summer fuel more expensive than winter fuel?

It sounds like a song parody about the exorbitant price of gas in the summer. But did you know that more than 20 different "boutique fuel blends" are sold from June to September?

Can I Make My Own Ethanol?

Ethanol production is deeply embedded in American history. But who could have known that those old moonshine stills just might be the answer to the current fuel crisis?

Can carbon fiber solve the oil crisis?

One of the easiest ways to increase a car's efficiency is to reduce its weight. Carbon fiber -- a material as light as it is strong -- could do just that.

Can I convert my car to run on water?

How much money could you save if you skipped the pump and filled up your car with a garden hose? Some researchers claim that water will be the fuel of the future.

Is hydrogen fuel dangerous?

Hydrogen proponents tout the energy efficiency and relative ease of producing this alternative fuel. Its opponents want us to remember the Hindenburg.

Top 10 Green Driving Tips

Let's face it: Gas will never go on sale, but there are ways to save. What 10 things can you do to make your driving (and lifestyle) a little greener?

How Car Sharing Works

Gone are the days when you battled your brother over your mom's car keys. Now, car sharing is civilized, organized and affordable.

How to Start a Carpool

If you yearn for the days of chatting with friends during the bus ride to school, then joining a carpool might allow you to relive those glory years.

How the 2008 EPA Fuel Economy Ratings Work

Word on the street is gas prices are soaring. But as people begin to scour auto dealers for fuel efficient cars, they might notice efficiency ratings have changed a bit.

How Alternative Fuel Pricing Works

As gas prices rise and dire warnings about global warming take over the news, consumers are considering alternatives to gasoline. How much could fuels from corn and vegetable oil run you? And who's setting the price?

What if I put sugar in someone's gas tank?

Putting sugar in someone's gas tank has long been rumored to ruin someone's car. But does it really work? What could really disable a car?

What if I put diesel fuel in an automobile that required unleaded fuel only?

Pouring diesel fuel into an unleaded tank isn't the end of the world: your car won't blow up. However, it won't start either. You'll have to do some serious cleaning to get your car running again.

Grassoline: Can we fuel cars with grass?

Can we use grass to power our cars? Proponents of cellulosic ethanol made from switchgrass think we can. Others fear we'll stop growing food to grow fuel.

Could salt water fuel cars?

There may be "water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink," but what if you could substitute seawater for gasoline? It's a little like alchemy, but could it work?

Can a car get 100 miles per gallon?

The 100 mpg car is being promoted by in an effort to reduce oil use and harmful emissions. Learn all about Google's 100 mpg car program.

2007 Hybrid Car Pictures

Hybrid cars are not all fuel-sippers. Some have high performance and high prices. Most are designed for great mileage and low emissions at affordable prices. See these pictures and profiles of every 2007 hybrid model.

Is ethanol really more eco-friendly than gas?

When oil is expensive, contentious and scarce, fuel made from corn or cane starts to look pretty smart -- economically and environmentally. But not everyone sees it that way.

How a Hydrogen-Boosted Gasoline Engine Works

Faced with rising gasoline costs, automakers worldwide are working overtime to improve fuel economy while meeting strict emissions requirements. One promising way is to add hydrogen to the fuel/air mixture in a conventional gasoline engine.

How Clean Diesel Fuel Works

The government is currently taking steps to make diesel vehicles much cleaner. New laws mandate the use of a cleaner-burning type of diesel fuel named ultra-low sulphur diesel or ULSD. Learn about this fuel.

The Consumer Guide to E85 Ethanol Vehicles

Want to drive an E85 vehicle but don't know which automakers make E85 ethanol flex fuel vehicles? Our guide to E85 vehicles will tell you which ones are compatible and whether or not a flex-fuel vehicle is right for you.

How to Get Better Fuel Economy

With gasoline prices continuing their wild fluctuations many consumers are demanding more fuel-efficient cars and trucks. We’ll give you tips to improve your car’s gas mileage and tell you how to buy a fuel-efficient vehicle.

How E85 Ethanol Flex Fuel Works

Corn distilled into ethanol and mixed with gasoline is used to create E85. Each gallon of E85 consists of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. Learn the pros and cons of this new fuel.

How Natural-gas Vehicles Work

As gasoline prices soar and concern over harmful emission mounts, cars that run on alternate fuel sources are becoming increasingly popular. Natural-gas vehicles (or NGVs) are fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly and offer a relatively low cost of ownership.