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Other Classic & Collectible Car Manufacturers of the 1970s

The Opel 1900, Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado and Alfra Romeo are just a few cars in our Other Classic & Collectible Car Manufacturers Channel the 1970s models. View car photos, read histories and more.

1974-1978 AMC Matador Coupes

The 1974-1978 AMC Matador coupes were the replacement for the true hardtop coupe in AMC's mid-'70s mid-size line. They are known more as "cheap wheels" than bona fide collectibles. Learn about the AMC Matador coupes.

1970-1974 Dodge Challenger

The 1970-1974 Dodge Challenger entered the ponycar race a bit late to be a contender, yet the car is a desirable collectible today. Learn more. See more »

1973-1977 Chevrolet Chevelle

The 1973-1977 Chevrolet Chevelle provided full-size amenities in a mid-size car, at a mid-size price. Learn more about the 1973-1977 Chevelle. See more »

1970-1977 Triumph Stag

The Triumph Stag’s legacy is that of a flawed car with surprisingly high value among collectors. Learn more about the 1970-1977 Triumph Stag. See more »

1969-1973 Imperial

Chrysler’s Imperial was known for its fuselage theme, because the cars called up images of aircrafts. Read about 1969-1973 Imperials in this article. See more »

1967-1974 Saab Sonetts

Swedish automaker Saab needed a boost in U.S. sales in the 1960s. Learn about the beginning of the Saab Sonett, their solution, and see pictures here. See more »

1972-1976 Jensen-Healey and Jensen GT

Jensen-Healey and Jensen GT cars had a short and troubled run. Find history and specifications for the 1972-1976 Jensen-Healey and Jensen GT. See more »

The 1971-1975 Opel 1900/Manta Coupe/Rallye/Luxus offered terrific handling plus an ultra-strong engine. Learn more about these cars in this article. See more »

1975-1986 Rolls-Royce Camargue

In its day, the 1975-1986 Rolls-Royce Camargue was the costliest "Roller" in history. Get style, engine, and pricing details on this collectible car. See more »

1979-1982 Honda Prelude

The 1979-1982 Honda Prelude was a sports car that was easy to own and fun to drive. Find out more about the practical 1979-1982 Honda Prelude. See more »

The 1968-1976 BMW 2002 is considered by some to be the best BMW ever built. Learn more about this classic car only at HowStuffWorks. See more »