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More Have Nots Than Haves: Tara Tiny Specs

The Tara Tiny was built for simplicity, efficiency and cost, so extras are considered, well, extra. Here's a quick outline that shows what the two-door, two-seat Tiny base model has to offer.

  • Maximum speed: 25 mph (40 kilometers per hour)
  • Motor power: 1.5 kilowatts, or roughly 2 horsepower
  • Battery type: Sealed lead-acid, can be charged at home at 220 volts on a 15 amp socket
  • Recharging time: 8 hours
  • Range: About 50 miles (80 kilometers), depending on conditions Battery capacity: 200 amp/hours

[source: Tara International]

In addition to the list above, the two-door vehicle has a three-speed automatic transmission, front disc and rear drum brakes, manual seat adjustment for the driver, a driver-side mirror, fog lamps and windshield wipers. That's it. As we said before, extras are extra on the Tara Tiny.

However, planned variations on the Tiny will offer four doors, four seats, air conditioning, power steering and windows and a sound system. The company reportedly plans on adding more amenities -- but only to a point.

While the Tiny is simple in design, it's exactly what Ganguly envisioned. Read on to learn how the Tiny became such a wonder of minimalist engineering.