How Travel Trailer Towing Works

Travel trailers help us bring the comforts of home into rugged Mother Nature.
Travel trailers help us bring the comforts of home into rugged Mother Nature.
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Cell phones, the Internet, plasma TVs, PDAs … as much as civilization and its technologies advance, people still love escaping from it all. Nothing beats packing up the family and getting in tune with nature on a camping trip. Perhaps it's the remnants of the ancestral caveman inside us that prompt us to temporarily shirk material comforts and rough it for a few days. For some reason, fresh air and campfires never lose their charm.

But few of us want to give up the comforts of the modern world entirely -- at least not for too long. Some of us are willing to trade a few minutes of the wilderness experience for the luxury of sitting on an ergonomic toilet seat, for instance. A travel trailer helps us have the best of both worlds and bring the necessities of civilization wherever we roam.

But are you prepared for travel trailer towing? As fun as it can be, towing a trailer can make driving more difficult. You have to factor the large, heavy trailer into maneuvers like turning, braking and parking. Towing requires adjusting your driving habits, which takes concentration and awareness. And then there are the fundamentals like knowing how to properly hitch your trailer to your vehicle. We'll talk about these issues later in this article. But first we'll help you decide what kind of travel trailer is best for you.

If you're in the market for a travel trailer, you have plenty of options. You may yearn to feel the cool breeze while sleeping in your trailer. Or, maybe you'd rather it be a haven from the elements of nature. Do you need to shower daily or are you comfortable with smelling outdoorsy during a vacation? Whether you want sparse necessities or full amenities, you'll find something to fit your needs. So that the terminology and varieties of travel trailers don't get overwhelming, we'll lay out the basics.