How Car Towing Safety Works

We see cars being towed all the time out on the road, but what are drivers doing to keep the whole process safe? See more truck pictures.
Rob van Nostrand/

Whether you're conscious of it or not, you've probably seen lots of tow vehicles pulling cars down the road. Most of us don't really pause to think about the scene too often -- we may grip the wheel with both hands and drive with a bit more caution, but once we've passed, our focus is back on the road in front of us.

But there's a reason we clutch the wheel a little tighter, and it's­ a fairly obvious one: When one hulking mass of metal connected to another one rolls down the road together, the thought of the former separating from the latter is enough to keep us alert.

It's a simple matter of safety. Did the person tow­ing make all the right connections? Is he or she driving safely? Are you able to tell if the two vehicles in front of you are braking? Of course, if you're the one towing a car, these are the questions you'll need to ask yourself. Car towing safety procedures can keep your mind at ease and everyone on the road safe.