How Motorcycle Towing Safety Works

Love your motorcycle? Why would you risk harming it or endangering other drivers by improperly towing it? See more motorcycle pictures.
Oli Tennent/Stone/Getty Images

Larry loved his Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle. Of course, he didn't love to drive it just anywhere. Why waste such a smooth and luxurious ride in commuter traffic? On the weekends, Larry would load his prize hog onto a trailer and tow it away from the gloomy tangle of city streets, past the suburbs and into the beautiful vistas that the old country roads and highways offered. There, he'd unload his bike and finally cut loose. But towing a motorcycle is no carefree endeavor -- and one day, Larry made a serious mistake.

He had just made it through a particularly tough week at the office, so perhaps you'll forgive him for being anxious to get out of town. Maybe you'll even forgive Larry for driving a little fast, cranking "Born to Be Wild" at top volume the whole way. However, he was also hasty in strapping his bike to the back of his motorcycle trailer. He didn't properly secure the tow straps that held the hog in place and, as the trailer rattled, the bike gradually jostled itself free of its moorings.

Singing along to the music, Larry was just getting to the part about "exploding into space" when all 1,268 pounds (575 kilograms) of motorcycle tumbled off the back of the trailer and crashed into the church van behind him. Larry wouldn't get to enjoy the weekend he'd planned on -- and neither would the Sunnyside Chapel Children's Choir.

Sadly, the dangers of the road aren't always that evident, and it sometimes takes a close call or a passing glimpse of a roadside tragedy to realize traffic's lethal potential. At any point, you're really just one text message, music check or sip of coffee away from your final, twisted moments of commuter agony. Add a trailer and heavy cargo to the mix, and the really unpleasant ways in which you can end your drive expand exponentially. That's why it's essential to focus on safety with motorcycle towing, or any kind of towing for that matter.

In this article, we'll look at some of the basic motorcycle towing safety points, as well as how to drive safely.