How the Toyota MTRC Works

Photo courtesy Toyota

In addition to a range of new, commercial vehicles, regular visitors to motor shows have come to expect something a little more exciting. There's an increasing demand for car manufacturers to unveil innovative, extravagant and sometimes way-out concept cars -- vehicles that are not quite ready for mass production but offer a thrilling insight into what might be rolling off the production line in the future. The unveiling of a new concept car allows manufacturers the opportunity to test out radical designs, body shapes, alternative power sources or new control systems, all without needing to worry about the costs or feasibility of mass production.

In this article, HowStuffWorks takes a look at Toyota's MTRC concept car, which the carmaker revealed at the 74th Geneva International Motor Show in March 2004. As well as examining its ultra-modern curves, we'll see how it really pushes the limits of current technology.