How the Toyota PM Works

Image Gallery: Concept Cars The Toyota Personal Mobility (PM) concept car. See more pictures of concept cars.
Photo courtesy Toyota

With the unveiling of the Personal Mobility (PM) concept car at the Toyota Motor Show in October 2003, Toyota's designers shared a new vision of personalized travel. Rather than simply rolling out a futuristic vehicle, Toyota unveiled a plan for changing how we travel in our individual vehicles.

Since the advent of the automobile, the car model someone chooses has reflected something about his or her personality. The average American driver spends one hour and 41 minutes in their cars each day, almost more than any other daily activity, according to research from the University of California at Berkeley. Toyota recognizes that fact and has designed the PM to create an entirely new vehicular modality in which people are not isolated by their vehicles, but rather are joined together in a mobile community.

In this article, we'll profile the PM's design, power, and unique features. We'll also take a peek at some other Toyota concept cars.