5 Impressive Qualities of the HyperCar

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Love It or Hate It: Stop-start Technology Is Here to Stay

Love It or Hate It: Stop-start Technology Is Here to Stay

Does stop-start technology really help with fuel economy? HowStuffWorks talked to experts to find out.

Author's Note: 5 Impressive Qualities of the HyperCar

This is an amazing time to be a car builder not affiliated with one of the big, established auto companies. In the past, the field was mined with obstacles to inventors and small auto-building teams. Budget-busting research and development costs. Hard to source parts and components. Non-existent access to manufacturing at a profitable scale. And just forget about distribution. Today though, with the reach of the internet and global collaboration, those restrictions are tumbling down.

I'm excited to see such a diversity of size and nationalities in the groups attempting to build production-capable hypercars. Their work is expanding the body of knowledge we have to help re-imagine the automobile and its role in society. After decades of stagnation from major automakers, a bevy of unconventional thinkers are helping to shake up and expand our concept of what a car can and should be.

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