5 Impressive Qualities of the HyperCar

Helps in the Fight Against Terrorists and other Despots -- No Bullets Required

Since the dawn of humankind, people have gone to war over access to resources. Today one of those most prized resources is oil. The United States is no stranger to oil-stained conflicts, and maintaining access to foreign oil has cost the country trillions of dollars, not to mention many thousands of lives over the past few decades.

The global nature of the oil markets means that any particular country could be forced to make nice with nations it doesn't like -- nations that export lots of oil. All for the sake of maintaining domestic fuel prices at a bearable level. That could mean looking the other way when the oil-rich nations' rulers oppress their own people or provide aid and sanctuary to terrorists.

Energy independence means a country doesn't rely heavily on foreign sources of energy to keep its economy or national defense running smoothly. It's a concept that has many military types eager to get off of the oil standard when it comes to powering their machines [source: U.S. Navy].

By using less gasoline, or no gas at all if it's completely electric, a hypercar could strike a blow for democracy without firing a shot. A nation of hypercars would go a long way toward providing energy independence -- and depriving oppressive and terrorist-friendly states of revenue.