Top 10 Causes of Car Fires

Poor Maintenance
Forgetting or neglecting to properly maintain your car can indirectly lead to a vicious car fire. (Creative Commons/Flickr/Robert Couse-Baker)

Human error probably isn't going to be the direct cause of a fire in your vehicle -- after all, being lazy isn't quite the same as striking a match and igniting a wick that goes into the gas tank. But if you're sloppy about maintenance, your car is going to be a lot more dangerous, in general, and the increased likelihood of a car fire is just part of the greater risks you're taking. It's true, forgetting or neglecting to properly take care of your car can indirectly lead to a vicious fire. That's because if you let broken parts, leaky seals, or faulty wiring go without repairs, it'll make your car a lot more hospitable to the conditions that cause a fire. An engine with a bad gasket is more likely to drip hazardous (and flammable) fluids. Frayed wiring is more likely to spark and make contact with flammable materials. Isn't it better to know if your car is a potential deathtrap? Just pop the hood every now and then and take a cursory look around.