Hybrid Technology

As hybrid technology evolves, hybrid car owners will reap the benefits of lower emissions and fuel consumption. Check out this section to learn about all the amazing breakthroughs in the field of hybrid technology.

How the Honda Civic Hybrid Works

The Honda Civic and hybrid technology seem to be two automotive concepts that were made for each other -- an ideal pairing. But what makes the Honda Civic hybrid so different from the standard Civic?

How the Toyota Prius Works

The 2010 Toyota Prius is the third generation of the model that has practically become synonymous with the term hybrid car. But what makes this design so popular among hybrid car buyers?

What is the difference between the Prius and the Prius Touring?

The Toyota Prius and Prius Touring models share many similarities as well as differences. Most of the commonalities lie in the drivetrain, but the Touring's perks set it apart from the Prius.

10 Top Selling Hybrid Cars

You've probably noticed more and more hybrids on the road in recent years. Most major car makers now offer hybrid models -- but which ones do consumers prefer?

Will buying a hybrid really pay off?

Many eco-friendly drivers wonder if a hybrid is too expensive to buy. Yes, they cost more than conventional cars, but they can be affordable with a few incentives.

Are hybrid cars slower than regular cars?

If your goal is to save money at the fuel pump and to do your part in reducing tailpipe emissions, a hybrid car is an excellent choice. However, are you sacrificing speed for fuel efficiency?

Can hybrid engines create more power?

Most people associate hybrid engines with green driving, but how can drivers add more power to their vehicles? It's easier than it sounds, but trade-offs abound.

How can hybrid cars utilize solar power?

Some automakers are beginning to offer solar panels on their hybrid cars. One manufacturer even includes a solar panel on a non-hybrid car. So, how much added power can a solar panel really provide?

How Electric Car Conversion Kits Work

Some car owners use an electric car conversion kit to make their vehicle all-electric. Others use the kits to add driving range to an already efficient hybrid car. But do these kits really work?

What is the history of electric cars?

The idea of a fully electric car may seem like a new thought -- but it's definitely not. In fact, the first practical electric cars were around long before gasoline-powered cars. So, what happened?