Brakes are among the auto parts that are rarely thought about unless something is wrong. There are a number of different brake problems that can arise, so learn all about brake repair, parts and conversion.
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Be Your Own Mechanic

It's important to keep all parts of your car's brake system in proper working order -- including the caliper guide pins. All you'll need is a few hand tools and a little high-temperature grease.

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Remember the old "Flintstones" cartoon where Fred stops his car by pressing his feet down to the ground? Though our braking method today is surprisingly similar (we put our feet down, and the car stops), it's also a bit more advanced -- thanks in part to an amazingly useful and underappreciated liquid we call "brake fluid."

Could anti-lock brakes detect a flat?

Wouldn't it be nice to get some warning before a tire went completely flat? Good news -- anti-lock brakes could make it possible. But how?

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