Brakes are among the auto parts that are rarely thought about unless something is wrong. There are a number of different brake problems that can arise, so learn all about brake repair, parts and conversion.

Brake conversion is a complicated process, but it care really improve your braking power. To learn even more about brake conversion and other braking topics, take a look at our Braking Guide!

Knowing about different brake parts can help you diagnose problems with your car's brakes. To see all of the articles on braking, take a look at our Braking Guide.

Undetected brake problems can be dangerous, but if you are aware of them you can prevent accidents. To see articles on braking problems and other topics, see our Braking Guide.

Brake repair can be costly, but there are some repairs you can do yourself with a bit of know-how. To learn more about brake repairs and related topics, see our Braking Guide!

Brake tests can tell you what's wrong with your brakes or simply let you know how effective they are. Brake tests vary in type and some of them require certain tools and materials. In this section we'll examine all of the different brake tests out there.

Different brake types have different parts and require different maintenance. Knowing the differences will help you choose the right kind of brakes. To learn more, see our Braking Guide.

Whether you've already upgraded your own brakes or don't know a rotor from a shim, these quizzes will get you up to speed on all kinds of brake facts. Check out this page for a huge variety of braking quizzes and expand your knowledge while you're here.