Brake Parts

Knowing about different brake parts can help you diagnose problems with your car's brakes. To see all of the articles on braking, take a look at our Braking Guide.


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How Brake Lines Work

The role of brake lines in a hydraulic braking system is clear -- they serve as links between the brake components in your vehicle. But did you know you can choose your brake line material?

Why do brake lines have so many bends and loops?

Did you ever notice that your brake lines don't resemble a straight line at all? Find out why your brakes are made with all those bends and loops.

What are the different types of brake fluid?

Do you know what separates DOT3 and DOT4 from DOT5? Learn the chemical properties of brake fluid types and how they affect your ability to stop your car.

How Brake Calipers Work

The function of a brake caliper is relatively clear -- the caliper forces the brake pads against the rotor to slow or stop the vehicle. But what specific type of caliper does your vehicle need?

How Backing Plates Work

The next time you slam on your brakes to avoid hitting a cat in the road, you should thank your car's backing plates. These automotive apparatuses keep the entire braking system functioning.

How Brake Pads Work

It's probably a safe bet that every driver on the road knows that their vehicle needs brakes to slow down or stop. But how many know that they have a choice of brake pad material?

How Brake Rotors Work

Most drivers know the brakes on their vehicle have to be properly maintained to remain functional. But how many know that they can select new brake rotors based on the type of driving they do?

How Brake Shims Work

After a night of partying, you drive home and sneak the car in the garage. The only thing that could give you away: noisy brakes. You'll need brake shims to avoid being grounded.

How Brake Upgrades Work

We seek the best that life has to offer: buying first-class plane tickets, staying in the presidential suite, even getting plastic surgery. So why should we treat our brakes any differently?