Brake Repair

Brake repair can be costly, but there are some repairs you can do yourself with a bit of know-how. To learn more about brake repairs and related topics, see our Braking Guide!

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Getting stuck behind a car with malfunctioning brake lights can be extremely frustrating. But before sounding your horn, consider that the driver might not even realize that his brakes lights are out.

By Ed Grabianowski

You love your car. Oh, do you love your car. But maybe it's time for a change. Nothing drastic; nothing expensive. Just the car equivalent of a manicure -- a new flash of color for your faithful friend. You're going to paint the brake calipers.

By Sarah Siddons

That pedestrian should not have stepped off the curb. Clearly, she doesn't see you. You hit the brakes, and she jumps back. Problem solved -- except that high squealing sound doesn't seem to be coming from the pedestrian. It's coming from your car.

By Sarah Siddons


If the term "bleeding brakes" conjures up images of a clean, contented person stepping on a brake pedal while another grumpy, dirty, frustrated person yells, "Push down!" from under the car, your image would be correct.

Changing the brake pads on your car or truck sounds like a difficult task -- but when you find out how simple it is, you'll wonder why you haven't been doing it yourself all along.

By Patrick E. George