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How the Aptera Hybrid Works

Aptera's Eyes Forward System
The Aptera's Eyes Forward system gives drivers a 180 degree rear view sight.
The Aptera's Eyes Forward system gives drivers a 180 degree rear view sight.

The outside structure isn't the only part of the Aptera that provides safety. As part of what Aptera Motors calls the "Eyes Forward" vision system, a video display is located in front of the driver, offering a 180-degree view behind the vehicle. As you can see from the pictures above, rear view sight is limited because of the Aptera's body design. The video display is necessary for safe driving conditions. A GPS system located on the center console provides further assurance, letting you know that you're at least heading in the right direction.

The Aptera is a "two plus one" concept -- two adults can fit comfortably in the driver and passenger seat, and a removable third seat is located in the back for infants. Removing that back seat allows enough room for 15 bags of groceries. If "two plus one" want to cruise around the California coast, though, do they have to wear helmets? Even though the Aptera is classified as a motorcycle, you don't need to wear a motorcycle helmet -- or obtain a motorcycle license, for that matter -- because the vehicle is enclosed. The Aptera's classification only makes things easier for California residents, actually, as drivers are permitted to use HOV lanes, even if there's only one person inside.

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