The Harley-Davidson S-125 wasn't Harley's usual heavy, powerful bike, but was desirable enough to enjoy a 12-year model run.

1948 Harley-Davidson S-125 Pictures

The 1948 Harley-Davidson S-125 motorcycle was the first Harley consumer motorcycle to offer the modern hand clutch/foot shift introduced on the military-only XA model. The S125 also featured girder-style front forks.

The modern hand clutch was a first for a civilian Harley, but fairly common in Europe at this time.

The Harley-davidson S-125's girder-style front fork was part of the original German DKW design.

The hand clutch/foot shift was a first for Harley- Davidson street bikes.

Harley's traditional horn was fitted to the S-125, though in a rather odd place near the rear wheel.

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