Auto Accidents and Hazardous Conditions

How to avoid rollover accidents, understand the consequences of DUI, avoid road rage and drive safely in the winter are among Accidents & Hazardous Conditions topics.

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Automotive accidents can be devastatingly tragic, but even the minor ones can be quite costly to the vehicle(s), drivers, passengers, and environment. Learn more about the top 19 ways to avoid an automotive accident.

By Eric J. Leech, Planet Green

Bad weather equals bad driving conditions — and bad drivers. To avoid becoming one of the wrecks on the road, take a look at six common driving errors to steer clear of (pun intended).

By Rachel Oswald & Talon Homer

Snow is lovely to look at, but less fun to drive in -- especially if you happen to break down, get a flat tire or crash into something. So prepare yourself (and your car) to meet Mother Nature's fury.

By Shanna Freeman


At its core, defensive driving is all about anticipation -- knowing what other drivers are going to do in advance and getting out of the way. You don't need a course to learn this stuff; all you need is a little common sense.

By Stephanie Watson

We've been taught how to drive safely, but the number of automobile accidents and fatalities remains high. Let's get back to basics and review these 10 safe driving tips.

By Ed Grabianowski

Icy, snow-covered roads may look like something out of a storybook, but driving on them can be something out of a nightmare. How can you navigate them safely?

By Jonathan Atteberry

Wet, slippery roads are one of the major dangers that drivers face, especially because they increase the chances of hydroplaning. What should you do if you start to lose control of your car during a heavy downpour of rain?

By Martha Barksdale


Some cars just seem to overheat more than others, and many trucks are known to suffer the same fate. Do you know how to prevent your truck from overheating?

By Scott C. Benjamin & Cherise Threewitt

You hop inside your car to escape the brutal winter winds and fumble with your frigid keys, only to find that your car won't start when you turn the ignition. What's going on? It's probably one of three problems.

This winter make sure your car is as prepared as you are. Going the extra mile by getting your vehicle ready for winter and learning what it takes to drive safely through ice and snow could save your life.

By Jennifer Geiger

It's time to take your family to the beach. But take care of your car's summer maintenance. Don't let this be the year you get stranded on the side of the road.

By Dave Roos


Just like you need to bundle up in the winter, your car requires a little extra love to function at its best in cold weather. Here are 10 of the best ways to winterize your car.

By John Fuller

Ever wondered what would happen to your transmission (and car) if you accidentally popped your gearshift into reverse while driving? The answer may surprise you.

By Marshall Brain

On average, you might spend up to two weeks sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic this year. While some say the answer is to build more roads others say that's just inviting more traffic congestion.

By Jonathan Strickland

Take a 3000-pound car, add a dash of traffic, and lots of frustration and what do you have? A potentially dangerous emotional state called road rage. Learn how you can negotiate the roads without blowing your top or someone else's.

By Jonathan Strickland


We all know DUI is a problem, and for many, a tragedy. So how do blood alcohol levels, police procedures and DUI punishment work? What can you do to keep your friends and family safe when you've been out drinking?

By Jacob Silverman

By far the deadliest risk facing SUV minivan and truck occupants is a rollover accident. According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) more than 280000 rollover accidents are reported each year claiming more than 10000 lives annually.

The "Jaws of Life" is a huge tool used to free people from mangled cars and burning or collapsed buildings. Learn about this amazingly powerful machine and how it saves lives.

By Kevin Bonsor

Crash test dummies have been the subject of public service announcements, cartoons, parodies, even the name of a band. Real crash test dummies, however, are true life-savers as an integral part of automotive crash tests.

By Karim Nice