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Monster Jam Fans and Culture

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Monster Jam prides itself on catering to men, women and children. Feld Entertainment

Let's take a look at the Monster Jam fanbase that keeps the machine running. Monster Jam takes pride in the fact that it has fans of all ages and it continues to attract a pretty diverse crowd. A fair number of adults show up to Monster Jam events without a kid in tow, but children do make up a significant part of the audience. The family-friendly atmosphere is key to Monster Jam's growth and success, and Monster Jam is pretty shrewd about its strategy.

Monster Jam told us that the fanbase is split about 50/50 between men and women, which they say is because of how they embrace female drivers. It's pretty rare to see female drivers and athletes competing in motorsports at the same level as the men. Usually, female race car drivers or motocross riders are in a separate series, but in Monster Jam, women go head to head with men in the same trucks [source: Mahon].

Women are included on every single Monster Jam tour, too. Since Monster Jam is more of a mental sport than a physical one, there is no reason to separate the drivers by sex. Endurance and strength play a role in a driver's abilities, but unlike most sports or competitive events, men do not have a significant advantage over women. In short, it's the same contest taking place on the exact same playing field.

International expansion also gets some of the credit for Monster Jam's diversity on the track. Monster Jam says that in the past few years, it's concentrated its efforts in expanding abroad, and as it better represents the diversity of its fans, that will, in turn, reach new and more diverse audiences. There are separate Monster Jam tours that cover Latin America, Europe and Africa, and Asia Pacific [source: Feld]. An audience member may not be able to understand the language spoken by the commentator, but he or she will still feel the thrill of the starts, finishes, jumps and tricks.