10 Banned Race Cars

Sneaky Pete Robinson's Jumping Jack Dragster
Pete Robinson, pictured here driving a dragster, got a leg up on his competitors by using folding jack stands to raise the rear of his car. © 2007 Insomnia Cured Here/“Pete Robinson”/CC BY-SA 2.0

When a guy's nickname is "Sneaky Pete" you can be sure that he's going to have some racing "innovations" up his sleeve. You can almost picture Sneaky Pete racing in an all-black suit, twirling his moustache (he didn't actually look like that).

In the case of Sneaky Pete Robinson's Jumping Jack Dragster, the innovation that racing officials determined had crossed the line was incredibly simple. As Robinson lined up at the start of the race, he'd use a simple lever attached to folding jack stands to raise the rear end of his car. That allowed him to rev his engine and start his rear tires spinning during the series of yellow lights that serves as a countdown for the start of a drag race. Once the race started, he'd drop the rear end, and his tires would hit the ground spinning while the other driver was still spooling his up. After one race with his jumping jack stands, National Hot Rod Association, the governing body of drag racing, banned the device [source: Philpot].